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Strayer ECO 405 QUIZ CHAP 6 (2014) with Correct Answers




Question;? Question 1 The empirical evidence of the effectiveness of voucher programs is best described as? Question 2 Marginal social benefits equal? Question 3 The supply of private education is represented by? Question 4 The creation of new learning technologies will cause which of the following to decrease?? Question 5 I benefit because you become more educated. This is an example of a? Question 6 To be socially optimal, education should be provided to the point where? Question 7 What is the relationship between school funding and student achievement?? Question 8 Students learn about health and nutrition in school. This provides a? Question 9 Schools in which parents or other groups were permitted to create a new school with state funding and were given control over operations are known as? Question 10 Which of the following will decrease the equilibrium quantity of education in a market?? Question 11 In a purely private K-12 education system, spaces would be allocated based on? Question 12 In the existing public K-12 education system, spaces are allocated based on? Question 13 An increase in the demand for education will? Question 14 A decrease in the cost of education will? Question 15 With positive externalities in consumption, the market equilibrium quantity will be


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