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ECO 405 Week 6 Scenario - Monopoly




Question;Go to the Tools& Data section of the Federal Communications Commission?s (FCC) Website, located at, to review its major initiatives and the role those initiatives play in encouraging competition in communication markets and protecting the public. Be prepared to discuss.1. From the first e-Activity, take a position on whether or not the current initiatives of the FCC encourage competition in all communication markets and protect the public. Provide specific examples to support your response.2. List and discuss three economic justifications for government regulation in your local area. Explain what happens if the government does not provide appropriate regulation. Determine the costs on society of government regulation.QUESTION3-43. From the scenario, identify the possible illegal or unethical activities activities in which the print shop boss plans to engage in, and identify the consequences on society from an economic point of view. Explain whether or not you would have discussed these issues with the boss.4. From (1) a single product market perspective and (2) a natural monopolist market perspective, give your opinion on whether or not you support the government intervening to organize pricing. Identify the pros and cons of using these methods for the stakeholders.


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