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Economic Assignment 4




Question;Problem 1Let?s return to the model of problem 2 in assignment 3 of the auction price of iPods oneBay. In that model, we estimated the following equation:P RICE \ i = 109.24 + 54.99NEWi? 20.44SCRAT CHi + 0.73BIDDERSi(5.34) (5.11) (0.59)t = 10.28? 4.00 1.23N = 215where:P RICEi = the price at which the ith iPod sold on eBayNEWi = equal to 1 if the ith iPod was new, 0 otherwiseSCRAT CHi = equal to 1 if the ith iPod had a minor cosmetic defect, 0 otherwiseBIDDERSi = the number of bidders on the ith iPodLet?s suppose that we include a new variable into the equastion: P ERCENT


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