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Thomas Edison State ECO 112 Week 6 Assignment




Question;ECO-112 Assignment;6;1. Why do salmon;populations face the threat of extinction while goldfish populations are in no;such danger?;2. List the;federal government's three most important sources of tax revenue. How do these;differ from your state government's three most important sources of tax;revenue? Why do you think that these different government entities use;different tax bases?;3. In Costa;Rica, only a few beaches remain that are nesting grounds for sea turtles. Some;of those beaches have communities situated near them, traditionally, the local;people collected the turtle eggs and sold them for their purported aphrodisiac;powers. As a result, sea turtle populations became endangered. To protect the;sea turtle populations, the Costa;Rican government;gave each family in these villages ownership of a portion of the beach to do;with as they please, including the harvesting and selling of sea turtle eggs.;Sea turtle populations have started to increase. What is the economic rationale;for this result?


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