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Three Economics Basic Problems




Question;1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announcedthat in April 2010, of all adult Americans,139,455,000 were employed, 15,260,000 wereunemployed, and 82,614,000 were not in thelabor force. Use this information to calculate:a. the adult populationb. the labor forcec. the labor-force participation rated. the unemployment rate2. Consider a market of MP3 players. List one or two events related with this market which will cause the following results.a. an increase in both equilibrium price and quantity of MP3 players.b. an decrease in both equilibrium price and quantity of MP3 players.c. an increase in equilibrium price and a decrease in equilibrium quantity.d. a decrease in equilibrium price and an increase in equilibrium quantity.3. In each of the following cases, indicate which good you think has a relatively more price elastic demand and identify the most likely reason, in terms of the determinants of the elasticity of demand (more substitutes, greater share of budget, or more time to adjust).a. cars or Chevrolet's b. salt or housing c. food or rice d.natural gas this month or over the course of a year


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