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ECO - Cost and Benefit Analysis




Question;We;have learnt that CBA(Cost and Benefit Analysis) is not the only method to;choose among different public policies. There is an alternative method that;uses Pareto efficiency as a criterion for choosing among public policies. Let's;call this method the "PE method". Is the following statement true or;false? If a policy alternative is chosen according to CBA method, then it will;still be the chosen alternative if we instead use PE method. Explain.;Suppose;there are 4 people in an economy: A, B, C and D. A is in love with B, likes C;and hates D. B is in love with C, likes A and hates D. C is in love with D;likes A and does not like B. Finally, D is crazy for C, likes B and does not;like A. Which of the following couplings is not Pareto efficient? Explain.;a) A;dates B, C dates D.;b) A;dates C, B dates D.;c) A;dates D, B dates C.


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