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ECO - An industry is perfectly competitive and each producer




Question;An industry is perfectly competitive and each producer has a long run total cost function given byLTC = 1/3Q^3 ? 6Q^2 + 40QWhere Q denotes the output of the individual firm.The market demand isX = 2200 ? 100PWhere X and P denote the market output and price respectively.(a) Calculate the optimal output produced by each firm at the long run competitive equilibrium (LRCE).(b) Calculate the market price and market output at the LRCE.(c) Calculate the number of firms at the LRCE.(d) Suppose the demand curve shifts toX = A ? 100PWhere A is a positive number.Calculate how large A would have to be so that in the new LRCE, the number of firms is twice what it was in the initial equilibrium.


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