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Question;Important;This is an individual assignment, you are NOT allowed to receive or give;assistance of any kind;The following table;presents four variables that may be used to estimate Value of Office;Building.;Floor space in square feet;Number of offices;Number of entrances;Age of the office building in;years;Assessed value of the office;building;215;2;2;20;1,42,000;Based on the Excel output, answer;the following;217;2;2;12;1,44,000;219;3;1.5;33;1,51,000;An additional office will increase;the value by;221;3;2;43;1,50,000;223;2;3;53;1,39,000;The coefficient of determination for;this model is;225;4;2;23;1,69,000;227;2;1.5;99;1,26,000;The p-value for the model is;230;2;2;34;1,42,000;232;3;3;23;1,63,000;The p-value for Number of Offices;is;234;4;4;55;1,69,000;236;2;3;22;1,49,000;What is the estimated value for a;building with;220 square feet, 2 offices, 2;entrances, and 15 years old?;Use the MS Excel's add-in;Regression' and generate the output in the yellow area below.


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