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Role of Democracy in Economic Development




Question;This assignment is interested in having students access states from across the globe, not just the usual suspects of the developed countries and few of our neighbors to the South. Hobbes identified 8 regionswhich you can access in the textbook. Taking each region in turn, identify two states from each region anddetail its form of government and identify whether a democracy or not. Also assess its economicperformance in terms of its total GNP compared to other states and then its per capita GNP. Then youneed to identify if there is a relationship between economic performance and whether a democracy or not.You can access information for this assignment by going to UN statistics, the U.S. State DepartmentCountry Studies, and the CIA World FactBook You must construct a formsimilar to this to consolidate your data before you do your analysis of how the states are doingcomparatively speaking.Region/CountryGovernment formDemocracy Y or N Economic rank total GNPPer capita GNPYou are to complete the assignment in MS Word, 1200 word minimum-2,000 word maximum,minimum of 5 references (not including the textbook or modules) for where you retrieved theinformation used. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference nor are dictionary entries.


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