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In January 1, 2002, there were 15 member countries in the European Union




Question;In January 1, 2002, there were 15 member countries in the European Union.;Twelve of those countries eliminated their own individual currencies and began;using a new common currency, the euro. For a three-year period from January 1;1999, through December 31, 2001, these 12 countries priced goods and services;in terms of both their own currencies and the euro. During that period, the;value of their currencies was fixed against each other and against the euro. So;during that time, the dollar had an exchange rate against each of these;currencies and against the euro. The information in the following table shows;the fixed exchange rates of four European currencies against the euro and their;exchange rates against the U.S. dollar on March2, 2001. Use the information;below to calculate the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro (in euros;per dollar) on March 2, 2001.;Currency;Units per Euro (fixed);Units per U.S. Dollar (as of March;2, 2001);German mark;1.9558;2.0938;French franc;6.5596;7.0223;Italian lira;1,936.27;2,072.87;Portuguese escudo;200.482;214.63


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