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Question;In Unit 7 Discussion, you discussed Keith?s concerns;with establishing Greenfield ventures in Bolivia and Peru, at the urging;of the head of Zip- 6?s Brazilian unit and you discussed some entry;alternatives. In this Assignment, you are asked to assume the role of a;Zip-6 Business Analyst preparing a report for Ravi and Keith outlining;the possible economic and political risk factors involved in;establishing plants within these two countries. For this Assignment;research the following web resources;Look up Bolivia and Peru on the CIA Fact Book site and;the Michigan State University globalEDGE site by placing the links below;in your browser;CIA Fact Book:;Michigan State University globalEDGE? website:;Respond to the following checklist items;Checklist;Analyze the possible political risks in building plants in each of these countries (Bolivia and Peru)Analyze the possible economic risks in building plants in each of these countries (Bolivia and Peru)Outline these risk factors for each country in your report;Political Risk Factors according to Hill, (2011) refers to ?The;likelihood that political forces [or the government] will cause drastic;changes in a country?s business environment that will adversely;affect?goals of a business enterprise? (p.82).;Economic Risk Factors according to Hill, (2011) refers to ?The;likelihood that economic mismanagement will cause drastic changes in a;country?s business environment that hurt the profit or other goals of a;particular business enterprise? (p. 83).;Reference;Hill, C.W. (2011). Global business today (7 ed.). New York, NY: McGraw- Hill.;Respond in a minimum of 1 page in APA format to this;Assignment and submit it to your instructor through the Dropbox for this;unit.


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