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Please answer a the question(s) below using the at...




Please answer a the question(s) below using the attached document: a. (15 points) In Excel, create a pro forma income statement for Green Mountain for 2012 through 2016. b. (15 points) Refer to the pro forma income statement and excerpt from the pro forma balance sheet below. All numbers are in thousands of dollars. What are Green Mountain?s free cash flows for 2012 through 2016? You may provide your answer in Excel. c. (10 points) Based on your previous answers and using a DCF analysis, what is Green Mountain?s current (as of September 27, 2011) enterprise value? Equity value? Price per share? Use the EBITDA multiple method to calculate the terminal value, and assume the appropriate multiple is 7x EBITDA. d. (4 points) If you were the CEO of Green Mountain, it may be reasonable for you to expect an unsolicited offer from someone to buy your firm. Given your calculations in part (c), what is the minimum price (equity value) at which you would consider selling? Briefly explain your answer.


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