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PSTAT 109: Quiz 8 Winter 2014




Question;PSTAT 109: Quiz 8;Winter 2014;Instructions: Please show all formulas and calculations in an organized fashion for full credit.;Problem 1.Suppose a marine biologist was studying a population of lobsters of;the coast of;Singapore. To determine the mean carapace length of this lobster population, she decided to;sample 10 of these lobsters and measure their length. She recorded a sample mean carapace;length of 60.8mm with standard deviation of 7.97mm.;a. At 99% condence, what is the margin of error?;b. What is the 99% condence interval estimate of the population mean carapace length?;c. Briey explain the effect of having a larger sample size bigger than 10 on the margin of error and condence interval estimate you found in parts (a) and (b).;Problem 2.Most Americans love participating in or at least watching sporting events.;Some feel that sports have more than just entertainment value. In a survey of 1000 adults, conducted by KRC Research & Consulting, 78% felt that spectator sports have a positive effect on society.;a. Find a 95% condence interval for the percentage of the public that feel that sports have a positive e;ect on society.;b. At 95% condence, nd the smallest sample size needed to obtain the mostconser-vativecondence interval with a margin of error of 0.01.


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