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PSTAT 109: Quiz 5 Winter 2014




Question;PSTAT 109: Quiz 5;Winter 2014;Instructions: Please show all work in an organized fashion for full credit.;Problem 1.Panera Bread has a daily breakfast special in which the customer may choose;one item from each of the following groups;Breakfast Sandwich Accompaniments Juice;egg and ham breakfast potatoes orange;egg and bacon apple slices cranberry;tomato and cheese fresh fruit cup tomato;pastry apple;grape;a. How many di;erent breakfast specials are possible?;b. How many di;erent breakfast specials without meat are possible?;c. Suppose Mike only wants to order two di;erent types of juice from the list above and;is currently undecided as to which juices he'll order. How many possible juice pairs;are available to him?;Problem 2.Consider the following events in the toss of a single die;A. Observe an odd number.;B. Observe a 1 or 2.;AreAandBindependent events?;Problem 3.An advertising executive is studying television viewing habits of married men;and women during prime time hours. On the basis of past viewing records, the executive;has determined that during prime time, husbands are watching television 60% of the time.;It has also been determined that when the husband is watching television, 40% of the time;the wife is also watching. When the husband is not watching television, 30% of the time the;wife is watching television. Find the probability that;a. the wife is watching television in prime time.;b. if the wife is watching television, the husband is also watching television.


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