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ECO 550 Multiple Choice Questions




Question;Question 1 The Saturn Corporation (once a division of GM) was permanently closed in 2009. What went wrong with Saturn? Question 2 A Real Option Value is: Question 3 In the shareholder wealth maximization model, the value of a firm's stock is equal to the present value of all expected future ____ discounted at the stockholders' required rate of return. Question 4 Economic profit is defined as the difference between revenue and ____. Question 5 The primary difference(s) between the standard deviation and the coefficient of variation as measures of risk are: Question 6 The level of an economic activity should be increased to the point where the ____ is zero. Question 7 Generally, investors expect that projects with high expected net present values also will be projects with Question 8 Based on risk-return tradeoffs observable in the financial marketplace, which of the following securities would you expect to offer higher expected returns than corporate bonds? Question 9 Those goods having a calculated income elasticity that is negative are called: Question 10 A price elasticity (ED) of?1.50 indicates that for a ____ increase in price, quantity demanded will ____ by ____. Question 11 Marginal revenue (MR) is ____ when total revenue is maximized. Question 12 Which of the following would tend to make demand INELASTIC? Question 13 The standard deviation of the error terms in an estimated regression equation is known as: Question 14 The estimated slope coefficient (b) of the regression equation (Ln Y = a + b Ln X) measures the ____ change in Y for a one ____ change in X. Question 15 One commonly used test in checking for the presence of autocorrelation when working with time series data is the ____. Question 16 The Identification Problem in the development of a demand function is a result of: Question 17 An example of a time series data set is one for which the: Question 18 The forecasting technique which attempts to forecast short-run changes and makes use of economic indicators known as leading, coincident or lagging indicators is known as: Question 19 The type of economic indicator that can best be used for business forecasting is the: Question 20 For studying demand relationships for a proposed new product that no one has ever used before, what would be the best method to use? Question 21 An increase in the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar relative to a trading partner can result from Question 22 Trading partners should specialize in producing goods in accordance with comparative advantage, then trade and diversify in consumption because Question 23 In a recession, the trade balance often improves because Question 24 An appreciation of the U.S. dollar has what impact on Harley-Davidson (HD), a U.S. manufacturer of motorcycles? Question 25 If the marginal product of labor is 100 and the price of labor is 10, while the marginal product of capital is 200 and the price of capital is $30, then what should the firm? Question 26 The marginal product is defined as: Question 27 The marginal rate of technical substitution may be defined as all of the following except:Question 28 Given a Cobb-Douglas production function estimate of Q = 1.19L.72K.18 for a given industry, this industry would have: Question 29 ____ are defined as costs which are incurred regardless of the alternative action chosen in a decision-making problem. Question 30 What method of inventory valuation should be used for economic decision-making problems? Question 31 Which of the following statements concerning the long-run average cost curve of economic theory is true? Question 32 The existence of diseconomies of scale (size) for the firm is hypothesized to result from


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