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strayer university eco550 week 1 discussion




Question;Week1;Week 1 Discussion;Top of Form;?;Fundamental Economic;Concepts" Please respond to the;following;?;* From the scenario, examine the key;factors affecting the demand for and the supply of a good or service.;Distinguish between changes in demand and changes in the quantity demand.;Indicate the factors that could lead to changes in demand / supply and changes;in the quantity demanded / supplied. Determine the sets of factors that could;lead to an increase in supply or demand on the one hand and a decrease in;supply or demand on the other.;?;From the e-Activity, examine the key;factors that influence the supply and demand of the selected good or service.;Propose two (2) methods in which organizations that provide the selected good;or service may utilize this information. Provide a rationale for your response.


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