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Question;Week 5 Discussion;Top of Form;Applications of Cost Theory" Please respond to the following;?;* From the scenario, determine the;appropriate type of market structure for the situation in question. Cite at;least four (4) defining characteristics that have helped you reach this;decision regarding the appropriateness of the chosen structure. Recommend two;(2) kinds of pricing and output strategies that Katrina?s Candies should use to;reach the goal of profit maximization. Suggest key modifications that Katrina?s;Candies should make in order to maintain a competitive advantage when new;entrants enter the market. Provide a rationale for your suggestions.;?;Imagine that you are a manager of a;chemical company. An accident has occurred in which chemicals leaked into the;ground water nearby. The community is unaware of the accident. Compare the;primary costs involved in cleaning up the water immediately (and thus;confessing) versus hiding your culpability now and possibly paying more in the;future. Predict the impact on profitability in both situations. Justify your;response.


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