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Question;nit 4 Assignment: Continue using your Zip-6 Scenario (click to play);Zip-6 management held a planning retreat late last year;in which Ravi and Keith announced plans to expand the brand to another;major market. Several countries were discussed as possibilities;including Argentina, South Africa, and Japan. Ravi pointed out that he;believed good demand could be created in each of these markets. Below is;a summary from Ravi?s notes from this planning session;Argentina;Pros: Potentially good market. Argentina is a neighbor to existing Brazilian market.;Cons: Argentine government not receptive to Greenfield;Investment by foreign business. Regulations favor protecting domestic;drink manufacturers. Currently no large acquisitions are available;within the country.;South Africa;Pros: Potentially a large competitive market. South Africa would give Zip-6 and entry point in Africa.;Cons: South Africa has a relatively heavy tax on business profits and an additional tax on dividends.;Japan;Pros: Potentially a large market. Entry could complement licensing agreement with Korean partner.;Cons: Very costly market to enter. Japanese government;resists both FDI and acquisitions by foreign firms and existing Japanese;bottlers are financially strong and protected by government;regulations.;Based on your assigned reading in this unit, and after reading the following information on FDI Inflows at;;Checklist;Which of these three countries would you, as CEO of Zip-6, suggest as the next country for expansion and why?;Which form of entry strategy (Greenfield Investment, Licensing, Acquisition, and Exporting) would be best and why?;Respond in a minimum of one page in APA format to this Assignment and submit it to your instructor through the Unit 4 Dropbox.


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