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Question;ECON106 HW81 Textbook questions, #s: 19.28, 19.32, 19.402 A random sample is obtained from a population with a variance of 625 and the sample mean is computed.Test the null hypothesis H0: 80 versus the alternative hypothesisHA: 80. Compute the p-value for each part below and state if you would reject the null at the = 5% level:a) 2 = 225b) 2 = 900c) 2 = 4003.1 Using the data from #3a) - c) above, calculate the p-value if the null hypothesis was H0: = 80 versus the alternative hypothesis HA: 6= 80.a)b)c)3.2 You conduct a hypothesis test using the data from #3a) above (the one-sided test). If the true population mean is 73, what is the power of a test conducted at the:a) =:10 levelb) =:05 levelc) =:01 level


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