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ECO - Graph the per capita GDP of the East Asian countries




Question;From the data given under attachment:1. Graph the per capita GDP of the East Asian countries in PS1_data.xls on one graph. Which country is the largest in 2006 (the last before the global financial crisis)? The second largest? The smallest?2. Calculate the growth rates (log difference) of per capita GDP for each country in each year. Calculate the mean and standard deviation of these growth rates. Which country grew the fastest? Which country experienced the most volatile growth?3. Examine the growth rates for Japan and South Korea. Have their growth rates changed over time? When did they have the highest periods of growth? The lowest?4. Compare the growth rates observe in Y per capita (in US constant dollars) in #2 above with that of the US. Who has grown faster than the US (on average) since 1950? Who has grown more slowly?5. The series `ki? in the dataset is investment as a percentage of GDP (I/Y). Compare the average of I/Y in the Asian countries with that of the US between 1960 and 2000. Who invests more than the US as a fraction of GDP? Who invests less?


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