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UMUC ECO103 Paper No. 2- Micro Paper




Question;Macro Article;? Economics of Labor Immigration;Your macro article is;due at the end of Week 5. This assignment focuses on these sources of;economic growth: size of the labor force;and productivity growth.;During;Weeks 4 and 5, we studied GDP concepts and the four factors that lead to;economic growth ? more people, more capital equipment, technological change;that raises the productivity of labor (human capital) and physical capital, and;the rule of law. The macro paper for this course will address the economics;of labor immigration, building on your studies in Weeks 4 and 5.;Immigration is controversial ? does it grow our economy? Do immigrants;compete with native workers and lower wages?;Does immigration cause higher unemployment?;First;read this article;Immigration and Economic Growth(Hanson, 2012);You;may read other articles as well, and include them in your bibliography.;Using;these resources;Explain the four factors that lead;to economic growth.Which of the factors of growth;does Hanson rely on to develop his arguments about the benefits of immigration?Explain Hanson?s arguments about immigration;and the factors of growth.Assume that you are an advisor to;a U.S. Congressman. Draft a;one-paragraph ?soundbite? that summarizes an economic position on;immigration.Your paper;should;?;be a;total of 800 to 1200 words;?;include;a bibliography with at least two references, presented in APA style;?;have;been spell-checked and grammar-checked using Word?s review utility.;Grading Rubric for Article;Analysis;Item;Percent of total;Accuracy of summary;20%;Critical thinking using economic;principles;40%;Applications to your life;20%;Effective writing;10%;Use of APA style in bibliography;10%


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