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I need help on this assignment. 6-10 economic indicators and a strategy using those indicators to maximize revenue.




Question;For;this Assignment, you are to continue using Ford Motor. The focus here is on Ford;Motor domestic (American) operations, with global issues left for Unit 6. Select;6-10 indicators that are of particular relevance to your firm and explain why.;Next, outline a strategy for how the firm should respond to the information;provided by the economic indicators with the goal of maximizing revenues in the;years ahead.;The;Assignment is to be a minimum of five pages long (title pages, bibliographies;etc., do not count) and in APA format. A good variety of objective, high;quality, current sources need to be used.;GB540;Unit 5 Assignment Rubric;Content;and Analysis;Points;Possible;Points;Earned;Used;the same global company from Unit 4 Assignment.;5;Selected;and defined 6-10 Indicators of particular relevance to the firm chosen.;10;Discussion;for each indicator includes;?;Explanation;of the relevance to the firm;?;A;strategy of how the firm will respond;?;A;goal to maximize revenues for the years ahead;45;Writing;Style, Grammar, APA Format, at least three resources are used.;15;Total;75


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