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ECO- Midterm Excel Questions




Question;Midterm Excel Questions;(Computer Exercise 2.2);Fill in the yellow shaded cells. Each cell is worth 3 points.;Predicted values in question (v) are 3 points for the entire column for each model. That is, 3 points for the column for model (iii) and 3 points for the column for model (iv). This is all-or-none question;Each figure in question (v) is worth 3 points.;The data set CEOSAL2 contains information on chief executive officers for U.S. corporations.;The variable salary is annual compensation, in thousands of dollars, and ceoten is prior number of years as company CEO, and profits in millions of dollars;(i) Find the average salary and the average tenure in the sample.;average salary=;average tenure=;(ii) How many CEOs are in their first year as CEO (that is, ceoten=0)? What is the longest tenure as a CEO?;Use appropriate Excel commands, not just counting from the data with your eyes;Number of CEOs in the first year=;Longest tenure=;(iii) Estimate the simple regression model log(salary)=beta0+beta1*ceoten+u;beta0=;use intercept();beta1=;use slope();SSR=;R2=;SSRu =;SSRr =;Compute SSRu and SSRr first, and then compute R2;(approximate) predicted percentage increase in salary given one more year as a CEO=;percent;(iv) You wish to compare the explanatory power of ceoten and profits.;Estimate the simple regression model log(salary)=beta0+beta1*profits+u;beta0=;beta1=;SSR=;R2=;SSRu =;SSRr =


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