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Three Different Funding Structures




Question;Pls word paper discussing vanilla bonds?!;Using the following Web site,, find 3 different funding structures.;Describe for each structure: security type, term, and yield. Furthermore, take a look at each of their offering documents, and provide a short description of the information found in the documentation.;Why do the different types of bonds get different rates? Explain your answer.;What makes each of the different structures different? Explain your answer.;What does the rate given say about the credit rating for each issuer? Explain your answer.;How does credit rating affect the rate given to the issuer? Explain your answer.;Which structure has the best credit rating based on the yield given to each structure? Explain your answer.;What is the credit rating supposed to tell you? Explain your answer.;Which bond is receiving the best price? Explain your answer.;Why does having a good credit rating matter to the issuer? Explain your answer


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