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Question;Packpride Movers Inc. documented the miles driven and total moving van costs for the past five months as follows:Number of Miles Total Vehicle CostsJanuary 4,800 $ 5,800February 3,000 5,400March 5,300 6,100April 6,000 6,000May 3,500 4,800A. Which two months exhibit the high and low activity levels?High: ______________Low: ______________B. Using the high/low method, what is the variable cost per mile?Answer: $______ per mileC. Using the high/low method, what are total fixed costs?Answer: $____________D. Using your answers to ?B? and ?C?, write the equation to predict moving van costs:E. If the company expects to drive 7,000 miles in June, what will be the estimated total vehicle costs?Answer: $


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