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Question;Matching: Match each letter in column 2 to the appropreciate definition in column 1;Column 1 1. ___Alternating periods of economic growth and contraction, which can be measured by changes in real GDP.2. ___The phase of the business cycle in which real GDP reaches its minimum after falling during a recession.3. ___An expansion in national output measured by the annual percentage increase in a nation?s real GDP.4. ___The phase of business cycle in which real GDP reaches its maximum after rising during a recovery.5. ___Variables that change at the same time that real GDP changes.6. ___A person who wants to work, but who has given up searching for work because he or she believes there will be no job offers.7. ___The difference between actual real GDP and potential or full-employment real GDP.8. ___A downturn in the business cycle during which real GDP declines and the unemployment rate rises.9. ___Variables that change before real GDP changes.10. ___The percentage of people in the civilian labor force who are without jobs and are actively seeking jobs. 11. ___Unemployment caused by the normal search time required by workers with marketable skills who are changing jobs, initially entering the labor force, reentering the labor force, or seasonally unemployed. 12. __An upturn in the business cycle during which real GDP rises.13. ___Variables that change after real GDP changes. 14. ___The number of people 16 years or age and older who are employed or actively seeking a job. 15. ___Unemployment caused by a mismatch of skills of workers out of work and the skills required for existing job opportunities. 16. ___Unemployment caused by the lack of jobs during a recession.17. ___The situation in which an economy operates at an unemployment rate equal to the sum of the frictional and structural unemployment rate.;Column 2;A. RecoveryB. Unemployment RateC. Discouraged WorkerD. RecessionE. Business CycleF. PeakG. Economic GrowthH. Leading IndicatorsI. Civilian Labor ForceJ. Structural UnemploymentK. Coincident IndicatorsL. GDP GapM. TroughN. Full EmploymentO. Lagging IndicatorsP. Cyclical UnemploymentQ. Frictional Unemployment


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