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The company, Europhone, headquartered in Belgium,...




The company, Europhone, headquartered in Belgium, has called you in as their marketing consultant. They have developed a new type of cell phone that has one on /off button and then uses voice recognition software to access anything you need, contacts, information on the Internet etc. including translating voice into text with simple instructions to the phone : ?Text please? in ten main languages. Although they have decided to launch the phone in the European Union, they want to launch this phone in the U.S. shortly afterwards. They need you to assess what customers to target for this new phone and they want you to name it. Join the discussion: After reading chapter 1: Decide which segments of the Consumer market and which segments of the Business market if any Europhone should concentrate on in the U.S. and why (any particular states or cities?) What age group? What will they use it for and why?. Explain what if any modifications will be needed for this phone to appeal to the segment of the targeted markets you have decided on. Then have some fun and name the phone! Post your original response per the syllabus guidelines to the Discussion Board found on the left hand bar.


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