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Statistics and Probability Problem - U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation




Question;For commercial banks in each state, the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has determined the percentage of domestic assets held by multibank holding companies.AL-75% HI-48% MA-71% NM-56% SD-84%AK-39 ID-85 MI-87 NY-86 TN-74AZ-94 IL-74 MN-70 NC-86 TX-74AR-43 IN-64 MS-19 ND-47 UT-80CA-58 IA-30 MO-72 OH-82 VT-41CO-76 KS-36 MT-66 OK-37 VA-85CT-79 KY-61 NE-41 OR-89 WA-89DE-62 LA-28 NV-66 PA-84 WV-61FL-78 ME-86 NH-69 RI-90 WI-69GA-83 MD-65 NJ-70 SC-52 WY-66Construct a frequency distribution with 6 classes for this dataDisplay the distribution as a less than ogive


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