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1. Below is the requirement please read it careful...




1. Below is the requirement please read it carefully so that I get an excellent work, Thanks, 1. i have a proposal for PHD program , and i already submitted it to my university then when it is approved I can apply for the program. In Business Adminstartion. The title of the proposal is : The Relationship Between The Human Resource Strategy and The Employees Performance In an Organization in private sector In Jordan. I will upload it here . please notice that there are some requirements written by the supervisor on the side of each page for more additions and modifications. (Chapters 1-2-3) Kindly notice that chapter 1 and 3 have been modified but please recheck for perfect changes. Chapter 2 is the one which needs improvements and additions according to the feedback written on each point . It will be very clear on each page. it is very important for me to get a very professional person to help me as my application will be based on the approval of the proposal in September 2014. So please let me get a perfect work as required from my supervisor. please be informed that due date is very important as there is no time after that because i have to apply in September. Thanks for your understanding.


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