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What type of tax is this? Explain.




Question;The government decides to tax cookbooks because they feel that they encourage overeating and can lead to health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. Answer the following:?What type of tax is this? Explain.?What happens to the supply of cookbooks??What happens to the equilibrium price??Who pays the tax at the end??Is this a good way to finance programs to improve health??What other types of tax can the government use to increase revenues?;Part IV;Deliverable Length: 600?850 words; becomes wildly successful in the United States, and you decide to export overseas. Answer the following:?Does this reflect an absolute or a comparative advantage??Name 4 issues that you will encounter as you become a multinational corporation.?What happens to your marginal utility as you buy your third luxury automobile? Why?;Part V;Deliverable Length: 600?850 words;In the article entitled "The Economic Effects of Labor Unions Revisited," Vedder and Galloway attempt to prove statistically, using historical data, that labor unions do not have a good effect on the economy. Read the article, and explain the following microeconomic concepts that the authors discuss and how they are related to unions:?Demand, supply, and equilibrium wage rates of labor?Unemployment?Deadweight welfare loss?Elasticity?Real GDP and economic growth?Income per capita?Population growth and aging?Marginal costs, marginal revenues, and profits;The article focuses on harmful economic effects, but also mentions some positive aspects. What are they? Does moral hazard apply to unions? Why or why not?


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