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Question;SHORT ANSWER;1. Should the problem solving process be applied;to all problems?;2. Explain the difference between quantitative;and qualitative analysis from the manager's point of view.;3. Explain the relationship among model;development, model accuracy, and the ability to obtain a solution from a model.;4. What are three of the management science;techniques that practitioners use most frequently? How can the effectiveness of;these applications be increased?;5. What steps of the problem solving process are;involved in decision making?;6. Give three benefits of model development and;an example of each.;7. Explain the relationship between information;systems specialists and quantitative analysts in the solution of large;mathematical problems.;8. Discuss two developments that occurred during;the post-World War II period that led to the growth and use of quantitative;methods in nonmilitary applications..;9. Discuss at least three characteristics of a;problem that make it a good candidate for using a quantitative approach to;analyze it.


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