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Question;Over the past several weeks, you have been learning the various components of the issues and steps that are necessary to establish an e-commerce site.Rough Draft for this assignment: At this phase, you will submit a draft of this business plan for review by your instructor. The business plan should include the concepts and ideas covered during the past several weeks. The following points need to be addressed in your business plan for the establishment of an e-commerce site:1. Ethical, Social and Political Issues in E-Commerce.2. Business name3. Price (Budget)4. Need to include the 8 most important factors for a successful E-commerce site design5. Web site Optimization6. Mention some of the information from last week paper7. E-Commerce infrasture8. Marketing concepts for the E-commerce environment9. Communicating effectively in the e-commerce environment10.Privacy and security issues in conducting business online11. The issues and challenges of ethics in conducting business online12.Utilizing social mediaoutlets to e-hance e-commerce sites13. The implication of business to business ROUGH DRAFT to all of this information


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