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I have a quiz that needs to be done today. I have...




I have a quiz that needs to be done today. I have until 8:00 pm Mountain time to complete it. Do you want to take before 8:00 pm ? It is 10:30 my time right now. 1. Ashley gets sent home from work for a day of decision making. What happens during this day? (Points : 1) The company conducts an investigation. The company asks her coworkers whether she should continue as an employee. Ashley decides whether or not she wants to return to the job. Ashley decides the direction of her career path. 2. A coworker says to Sue, ?I don?t like you or your attitude. You better watch your back.? What should Sue do? (Points : 1) Call the police Talk to her manager Punch the coworker Start spreading rumors about the amount of guns she owns 3. Beth, a local supervisor who enjoys her job, reads the local help wanted ads every weekend. What is she accomplishing by doing this? (Points : 1) She is keeping her options open. She is threatening her manager. She is evaluating the availability of labor in her marketplace. She is analyzing the market conditions. 4. Brenda is hiring a few seamstresses for her wedding dress shop, as the head seamstress is getting ready to have a baby. What is she doing? (Points : 1) Staffing Contingency planning Cross-training Job sharing 5. William heard about a situation between two of his coworkers. Without investigating further, he decides to confront one of his coworkers on the basis of his assumptions about the situation. Which source of negative conflict could William be evoking? (Points : 1) Poor communication Competition Personality differences Diverse opinions. 6. Robert is trying to follow Larry King?s advice and ask the best question ever during his interview. What question will he ask his applicant? (Points : 1) ?How? ?What if? Yes or no questions ?Why? 7. Patricia wants to avoid any allegations of favoritism when creating her schedule. How should she do this? (Points : 1) Grant requests based on tenure. Grant requests based on who makes the request first. Do not grant any requests. Create a procedure that outlines how requests are handled. 8. Truman Electrics has decided to implement a bonus to all employees on the basis of the level of shrinkage in their inventory. How is Truman trying to reduce theft? (Points : 1) Implementing checks and balances Hire smarter Getting help from employees Being proactive 9. Ted wants to advance without any international experience. Which type of industry does not require this type of experience to get to the top? (Points : 1) Government. Private organizations. Contracts. All industries require international experience. 10. Which is not a source of diversity that can impact communication? (Points : 1) Interpersonal space Time Food Religion


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