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Question;1.;GDP Data Analysis;Locate current data;for GDP for the U.S. (Go to the Bureau of Economic Analysis Web site. Click on;Interactive Data Tables, then National Income and Product Accounts, and then;Frequently Requested NIPA Tables to get to Table 1.1.1). What are the annual growth;rates for the U.S. economy over the last 5 ? 10 years? Has GDP been growing or;declining over this time-frame? Explain what factors might have caused GDP to;increase or decrease over this time-frame.;Next, what are the;quarterly growth rates (annualized) for the U.S. economy for the last six;quarters? What trends do you notice in these numbers? Does anything surprise;you? Comment on GDP growth for the different components of GDP (C, I, G, and;Xn) over this time frame?;;2. GDP and Economic;Well-being;Then read the;following four articles and answer these questions;Is GDP a good measure;of economic well-being? Why, why not? What are its limitations? What are some;factors that would lead to higher GDP in the U.S. but do not improve well-being?;Website Articles;The Economist;Measuring What Matters;;The Donella Meadows;Archive Why Should We Be Glad when the GNP Goes Up?;;The Donella Meadows;Archive Gross National Happiness Measures Quality Of Life;;AMERICA 2.0: From;Private Greed to Public Service What's wrong with the GDP?;


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