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Question;Question 1 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;Business cycles are;A.movements;in stock prices.;B.the;transfer of executives between firms.;C.used;to describe fluctuations in GDP.;D.a;description of the time required to bring a new product to market.;Question 2 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;Economists define the unemployed as individuals who are;A.not;currently working.;B.not;currently working but are actively looking for work.;C.working;but looking for a different job.;D.working;less than their desired amount of time.;Question 3 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;Economists define the labor force to include;A.only;people who are working full time.;B.people;who are working.;C.people;who are not working but are actively looking for a job, and people who are;working.;D.all;individuals of work age, regardless of whether they are working or looking for;a job.;Question 4 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;People who want to work but have stopped looking for work;because they could not find jobs after actively searching are called;A.employed.;B.unemployed.;C.discouraged;workers.;D.empowered.;Question 5 of 10;0.0/;10.0 Points;Unemployment that naturally occurs during the normal;workings of an economy as people change jobs and move across the country is;called;A.natural;unemployment.;B.frictional;unemployment.;C.structural unemployment.;D.cyclical;unemployment.;Question 6 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;unemployment occurs due to a mismatch between the;jobs that are available and the skills of workers seeking jobs.;A.Structural;B.Cyclical;C.Frictional;D.Voluntary;Question 7 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;At full employment the unemployment rate equals the;A.cyclical;unemployment rate.;B.structural;unemployment rate.;C.structural;unemployment rate plus the cyclical unemployment rate.;D.structural;unemployment rate plus the frictional unemployment rate.;Question 8 of 10;10.0/;10.0 Points;Economists consider an economy to be at "full employment;when;A.the unemployment rate equals the natural rate of;unemployment.;B.there;is only a small amount of cyclical unemployment.;C.there;is no frictional unemployment.;D.there;is no structural unemployment.;Question 9 of 10;0.0/;10.0 Points;Economists say that the economy is at "full;employment" when the;A.structural;unemployment rate is zero.;;unemployment rate is zero.;C.frictional;unemployment rate is zero.;D.cyclical;unemployment rate is zero.;Question 10 of 10;0.0/;10.0 Points;The economy needs some unemployment to operate efficiently;because without it;A.firms;will find it difficult to recruit workers, leading to increased wages and prices.;B.firms;will find it difficult to recruit workers, leading to reduced wages and prices.;C.workers;will find it difficult to find a job, leading to increased wages and prices.;D.workers will find it difficult to find a job, leading to;reduced wages and prices.


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