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Research a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software program, such as People Soft. (However, there are several other excellent programs that you can research that address a broad range of HR issues from recruiting to payroll.) Discuss the program's main attributes and how it interfaces with human resource information systems and strategic human resources planning.,Hi Rachel, I really hate to ask this, however I posted the wrong question that I was having difficulty with. Is there any way I can ask you that question instead with this one due May 14?,Question I need help on is: Select and analyze an article on Arthur Fletcher, the noted pro-affirmative action advocate. In addition, find a second article that takes a stance against affirmative action. Critique the articles and summarize the differences between them. Based upon the information from these articles and the textbook, discuss your opinion of affirmative action and its impact on the workplace. So sorry to have caused confusion, if you could have answer by May 14 @ 5:00 PM EST that would be perfect. Let me know how to proceed with you getting credit for answering and paid. Thank You,Will you reject/decline the other please. I will re-post.,Article we could select on our own. Attached is the pages from TextBook: Human Resource Management 12th Edition by Robert L Mathis & John H Jackson,What article was used for Arthur Fletcher, Affirmative Action and for against Affirmative Action? There is no critique of the articles.


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