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Question;Week 1: Self Introduction and;Understanding Plagiarism;Part I: Please tell the class about your background and reasons for;taking this course and what you expect to gain from this class. Part II: Understanding Plagiarism--Access the following site;;(you may have to copy and paste this;into your browser).;When you enter this site, locate and review the section on Plagiarism, and then;briefly discuss any one of the 12 Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) on;plagiarism, and what you will do to avoid plagiarism.;Week 1;Discussion Post 2:Discuss;the three primary concerns in macroeconomic analysis.;Week 2;Discussion Post2:Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the broadest measure of;output for an economy. However, GDP does notperfectly measurewell-being of a nation;and its citizens' welfare. Discuss what GDP is and what it;measures? Discuss what the shortcomings (limitations) of GDP as a;measure ofwell-being;and welfare of a nation are?;Please;note that a minimum of 250-300 words for the initial discussion;posts is required.


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