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Cholesterol: A Patient Conversation




Question;The purpose of this project is to;provide insight into the therapeutic communication component of patient care.;Have you ever been to a doctor?s office and had a doctor or nurse communicate;with you using large, ?scary? words you did not understand? Similarly, have you;ever had a mechanic speak to you about the inner workings of your car?s engine;using jargon you did not understand?;You are a Physician?s Assistant and;you are set to meet with a patient to talk about his cholesterol panel. The;patient, Mr. Brown, is a 56 year old male who leads a largely sedentary;lifestyle. He has admitted, in a previous visit, that his favorite activity is;sitting on the couch and eating snacks while watching sports. He has also;expressed concerns that you would try to drastically change his lifestyle;(which he does not want to do) if his tests came back high.;The panel that came back on Mr.;Brown contains the following results: Test Result;Triglycerides 145 mg/dL;Cholesterol 210 mg/dL;HDL 33 mg/dL;LDL 160 mg/dL;Explain to Mr. Brown what each test;is measuring and how the results should be interpreted. Also, be prepared to;address the following issues with Mr. Brown;?What are triglycerides?;?What is cholesterol?;?What are LDL and HDL?;?Where is cholesterol produced?;?What are the causes of high;cholesterol?;?What are the treatments for;reducing high cholesterol?;?What are the side effects of;medication for treating high cholesterol?;?Do the benefits of lowering;cholesterol outweigh the risks of taking medication?;?What options exist for a person to;try and reduce his/her cholesterol without taking medication?;?How would you alleviate any fears;Mr. Brown may have regarding his condition?;?What recommendations would you make;to Mr. Brown knowing his concerns?;?What approach would you take to;encourage him to make any necessary lifestyle changes.;Submission Guidelines;?3 pages (does not include title;page or references), double-spaced, typed, 12-point Times New Roman font.;?You may choose to write your paper;in the format of a script (like a movie or television show);?Use simple terminology and avoid;jargon;?Use real-life analogies to explain;the issues;?Provide references in APA format as;appropriate


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