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HCA 430 Special Populations




Question;HCA;430 Special Populations;WEEK 1;Discussion;1, Perspective;Discussion;2, Trends in Vulnerable Populations;WEEK 2;Assignment;Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Vulnerable Populations;Discussion;1, Vulnerable Populations;Discussion;2, Resource Availability;Discussion;3, Race, Ethnicity, and Healthcare;WEEK 3;Assignment;Assessment of Community ? Level Barriers;Discussion;1, Continuum of Care;Discussion;2, Paying for Healthcare;WEEK 4;Discussion;1, Economic Dynamic of Health Care Delivery Models;Discussion;2, Regulatory, Legal, Ethical and Accreditation Issues in Research;Discussion;3, Program Goals and Outcomes;WEEK 5;Discussion;1, Economic Policies;Discussion;2, Social Policies;Final;Assignment, Shelter and Complementary Nutrition for the Mentally ill


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