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Question;Financial Concepts and ReportsConsult Ch. 1 & 2 and the glossary of Health Care Finance as well as other outside sources as necessary to complete the assignment form below.Part 1: For each term in Column A, select the correct definition from Column B on the right. Write the corresponding letter of the definition next to the term.Column B ? DefinitionsA. Inflow of money to the organizationB. Responsible for service deliveryC. Generated during reporting period of an organizationD. Costs that relate to earning revenueE. A map outlining the elements of an organizationF. Steps that must be taken to accomplish the organization?s objectivesG. Illustrates all transactions for a reporting periodH. Comparing reports from earlier periodsI. Responsible for data accumulationJ. Exempt from paying income taxesK. Provides immediate operating informationColumn 1. Quarterly reporting2. Revenue3. Clinical view4. Nonprofit organization5. Process view6. Planning7. ContPart II:For each real-world example on the right;select the correct term from the list on the left. Write the corresponding;letter of the real-world example next to the term.


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