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he focus of this assignment shifts to that of public health policy and it's development.




Question;the focus of this assignment shifts to that of public health policy and it's development.The Country Selected for this assignment is Haiti and the public health issue that will be addressed is limited to no access to clean potable water and poor sanitary practices.In your Public Health Policy Development assignment please do the following:1) Describe how would you go about the planning and implementation of a policy to address the public health issue. Be sure to integrate a global vision?considering other regions and organizations?into your plan.2) Analyze how you would incorporate the target community. This analysis should include a description of how to:a) Integrate cultural belief systems into the policy development.b) Organize and empower the community to be involved in the policy-making decisions.3) Describe how you could leverage resources, domestic or international, (for example, the Grameen Bank) to support your policy.4) Examine implications of domestic and global trends on your policy plan.5) In all aspects of developing planning comment on how you use the policy development cycle to promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.6) Describe how you could leverage technology to facilitate policy development.This assignment should be 4 pages and no more than 5 pages. Must have 5?8 APA references with in-text citations.


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