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PUBH 6235 Week 8: Study Design/Internal Validity-Health Promotion Programs




Question;PUBH 6235Week 8: Study Design/Internal ValidityPlease respond to the following questions either by writing the design name or by describing the design using standard notation (X = program, O=observation, R= random assignment). For each design, please discuss all threats to internal validity.1. a. Design: Single group post-test onlyb. Internal validity threats:2. a. Design: (R) O1 X O2(R) O1 O2b. Internal validity threats:3. a. Design: Pretest-posttest design with experimental and comparison groupb. Internal validity threats:4. a. Design: O X Ob. Internal validity threats:5. a. Design: Single group with three pretests and four posttestsb. Internal validity threats


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