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Question;1. You have worked a long, busy Friday as a health care administrator at;the headquarters of Quality Care, Inc., an integrated health system;based in Fairfax, Virginia. Fifteen minutes before you plan to leave;for home, you receive an urgent text from the office manager at a;Quality Care site in Annapolis, Maryland. She just has received a;?visit? from federal agents who flash their badges and demand to see;?someone in charge? who will ?give them access to all office computers;and hard copy files.? The chief agent produces a Subpoena Duces Tecum;(from the Eastern District of Virginia federal court) for your office?s;written and electronic documents. This law enforcement official says;very confidently, ?My team and I will wait as long as we have to so we;get what we want.?;You and the office manager agree that your days just got a bit longer!;This is the first federal ?drive-by? that you have dealt with in your;career. What legal and policy concerns should you and other Quality;Care staff members address? Apply risk management concepts: what should;Quality Care do ? and not do in this situation? Be specific in;providing guidance to Quality Care executives and the Maryland manager.;2. A physician group practice in the District of Columbia learns that;one of its most senior ? and trusted ? members ? has a serious substance;abuse issue. This physician, like all other physicians in the group;is an independent contractor who works at a major DC hospital. She;takes an approved medical leave of absence to get treatment for her;illness. Three months later, the physician writes to the practice;chair, advising him that she is ready to return to work. The practice?s;chair does not know whether to inform the hospital that his colleague;missed three months of work ? and to disclose why she was absent.;Discuss the potential legal theories of liability that the physician;group and hospital each might encounter in this situation. To whom, if;anyone, would the group and hospital owe a legal duty? Provide at least;two recommendations each to the doctors and to hospital officials.;Think of and communicate the ?big picture? just as you had to do in your;case study responses.;each qusation 1 page


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