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Question;NR101CC Assignment: Final Project;Purpose;The;purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to reflect back on;what inspiration you will take with you thru the program, what lessons you will;take away from the course, and the ability to write a letter to your future;self about where you hope you will be when you graduate Chamberlain.;Course Outcomes;This assignment enables the;student to meet the following course outcomes;CO 2. Identify;characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence;communication and conflict resolution.;Due Dates;Please;bring a hard copy of your letter and inspiration to class week 8. Please be;prepare a 5 minute speech discussing your inspiration and reflections on what;you have learned and will use from this course. [Please refer to;the course calendar for exact due date].;Requirements;and Guidelines;There are three parts to this assignment;1);Letter for graduation: Your assignment is to write a letter to yourself;on your graduation day. We will make sure it is delivered to you in a few short;semesters, when you have completed your work here at Chamberlain, and are ready;to receive your bachelors of nursing degree.;a.;Consider the following questions as you compose your letter;i.;How do you hope you have changed, in terms of knowledge and skills, and;also personally?;ii.;What would you like to remind yourself about your inspiration for;choosing this career?;iii.;You will be preparing to take the NCLEX exam, and to start your first;job as a bachelor?s prepared nurse. Are there any words of encouragement that;you would like to tell your future self?;iv.;Are there any words of caution you want to tell yourself ? pitfalls to;avoid?;v.;What kind of nurse do you hope you have become? What further growth and;change do you envision for yourself?;b.;Bring this letter to the last day of class in an envelope with your name;on the front.;2);Inspiration: In addition to the letter, on the last day of class bring;in one page that you create that represents your inspiration for becoming a;nurse. It may be a picture, a collage, a series of quotes, etc. Choose words;and images that are meaningful to you. This should be a picture that you can post;somewhere, perhaps where you study, in order to motivate yourself as you move;forward on your journey to become a nurse.;3);Reflections Presentation: On the last day of class you will be asked;to come prepared to give a short 5-minute speech that discusses the following;topics;a.;What does your inspiration mean?;b.;Name 1 concept that was challenged you during this course;c.;What has been the greatest lesson you have learned?;d.;After looking over all that you have learned and the lessons you will be;taking with you moving forward, what steps will you be taking to be successful;in the program?;Points for Entire;Project: 12.5% of Course Grade [125 Points];Grading Criteria for Final;Project;Category;%;Description: See Rubric for Details;Letter;for Graduation;31.25;points;?;Presented;to instructor in class in a sealed envelope with name present;Inspiration;31.25;points;?;Appropriate;picture, collage, or series of quotes;Reflection;Presentation;62.5;points;Speech;includes the following;?;Describes;the inspiration and the relationship of the inspiration to being a nurse;?;Student;defines one concept that was challenging about the course;?;Student;discusses the greatest lesson learned;?;Student;discusses the distinct plan they will be taking to be successful in the;program and how it will meet their own individualized needs.;TOTAL;125;points;A quality assignment;will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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