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HSM 543 Course Project (Health Services Finance)




Question;ObjectivePlease post your chosen topic and outline for my approval in the Week 3 Course ProjectDropbox. This will be due along with your Course Project Outline. If you are having difficulty inselecting a topic, please contact me during Week 2 to discuss possible topics that will be ofinterest and relevant to your own career plans.Some topical areas that previous HSM543 students have used successfully for this CourseProject include the following.CHOSEN TOPIC: Managing Hospital InvestmentsYou will be identifying and clearly stating a particular problem or management issue in which anelement of the identified problem or situation is not meeting expectations. A few examplesfollow.Cash flow to the hospital is inadequate. The CFO does not have enough cash on hand topay operating bills in a timely manner. How will you improve cash flow?Hospital investments are currently in CDs, which are earning very low interest rates. Ahigher return on investment is needed. What are better options for your specific type ofhealthcare facility, and what is the risk associated with each type of investmentrecommended?The clinic cannot recruit and retain enough nurses to keep up with its growing patientpopulation. How will you find more qualified nurses, and how will you keep them onceyou have hired them?The hospital facility itself needs to be replaced. How will you determine the capital needsfor the project, and how will the funds be raised to accomplish this?Remember that what appears to be the problem may actually be just a symptom of a biggerproblem, so dig deep to be sure you've identified the real problem. If there appears to be morethan one problem or issue, decide if they are separate or related issues. You will be stating theproblem in the form of a question.CategoryOutlineTotalPoints70%Description100 % A quality submission this weekwill be 12 pages in length andinclude the following:Identify the topic youhave chosen for theCourse Project.A summary of the topicyou will be writing aboutand its importance in thehealthcare industryshould be included.Define the problem thatyou will be trying tosuggest a solution for.Identify possiblesolutions.Describe the sources youwill be using to conductyour research andanalysis.Topic SelectionWeek 3 Course Project Assignment: Topic Selection and OutlineRead the possible topic choices. Choose your term paper topic and upload it via the Week 3 CourseProject Dropbox. This will be due along with your Course Project Outline (both items in the samedocument). Your topic choice will be reviewed, and you will receive feedback and/or approval of your topicchoice. You do not have to select one of the listed topics. If there is a labor relations topic that you wouldlike to write about that is not listed, let the instructor know. The appropriateness of the topic will beevaluated against which TCO your paper is intended to address.Course Project OutlineOnce you begin your research, you will need to create an outline showing how yourpaper will be presented. Submit your outline in the Week 3 Course Project Dropbox.A summary of the topic you have chosen for the Course Project and its importance inthe healthcare industry is due this week. Submit your outline through the Dropbox.Please be sure to include the course number and your name in the title of thedocument. The outline should be about 12 pages in length and include the following:Identify the topic you will be writing about.Define the problem that you will be trying to suggest a solution for.Identify possible solutions.Describe the sources you will be using to conduct your research and analysis.


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