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Question;As;you have learned this week, one of the major factors in the successful;operation of any public health organization is whether appropriate;people have been hired for the roles. In;this Application, you will develop strategies that will help you in the;very important process of identifying the right skills set needed for a;job and the process of hiring the person best suited to that job.;Prepare;for this Application by reviewing your Learning Resources on job;analysis and description, on rules and regulations governing hiring, and;on good practices on interviewing.;Then imagine that you are hiring a health or program planner for your local or state health department. Analyze the;job so that you understand what kinds of skills and background would be;needed in order to perform that job well. In a two to three page paper;describe your strategies on how to fill that position, including the following specific elements;Write;a brief job description for this job (feel free to study other job;descriptions to give you ideas, but you must engage in original thinking;in this job analysis).Describe;where you would advertise or any other strategy you would engage in to;recruit someone for this position, briefly explaining your rationale for;these choices.;Describe what your approach would be in interviewing this person, and list three specific questions you would ask.;Identify;at least one law, rule, or regulation that you would be guided by in;your hiring process, and how you would make sure to stay in compliance;with this regulation.


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