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Question;Application: Pandemic Flu Planning;Potentially;one of the most serious of all public health crises is pandemic flu. In;this week's Application, you will describe plans for responding to such;a pandemic.;Begin by browsing through the, found at, and familiarize yourself with the resources on the site. Then complete the following steps;Read;the "Executive Summary" and Appendix 3: "WHO Global Pandemic Phases and;the Stages for Federal Government Response" from the following document;on the site: "Interim Pre-Pandemic Planning Guidance: Community;Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation in the U.S." found at the influenza plan for your own state and scan it for information to respond to the exercise below.For;this exercise, assume that cluster(s) of avian influenza appear in your;state. These are still localized but show some evidence of human;transmission (phase 5).;Drawing;on the resources from this Web site and your other Learning Resources;this week, address the following questions in a two-page paper;What epidemic control steps do you recommend?;What legal authorities may have to be invoked?;What factors will determine or deter the success of your plan?;Are you likely to control the outbreak so that it does not proceed to the pandemic phase 6?;Would you add anything to the government's plan, or do you think this is adequate?


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