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Question;Health;Service Systems;Week;8 ? Final;1. (TCO A) You are the newly hired Chief Knowledge;Officer (CKO) for a mid-size hospital in a semiurban area of the country. Your first task is to develop the;organization?s strategic plan that will shape the development of a;comprehensive network of services for their community.;The organization provides the usual;array of inpatient services expected in a moderate-sized community;hospital. A local nursing home and;retirement community is for sale, and the organization is considering the;purchase of that agency. Several physician;practices are also interested in alliances with the hospital. There is a local county health department;that provides some clinic services, primarily for the uninsured.;You?ve been asked to give a presentation;to the board of directors on options to restructure the local delivery of;healthcare services. The hospital?s;president has asked you to focus your presentation on the common elements a;comprehensive delivery system attempts to accomplish and to highlight;innovative methods of restructuring. The;presentation will lay out the requirements of an integrated healthcare delivery;system. (Points: 25);2. (TCO B) You are the newly-hired Vice President of;Human Resources for the Bayside Community Health System. You?ve been on the job for just 3 months and;have considerable experience in human resource functions. You have responsibility for all of the usual;human resources functions, including the recruitment process, the training and;development functions, and the retention plan.;In addition, you have the additional departments of volunteers and the;hospital chaplain services.;You?ve identified a number of serious;organizational issues that are impacting the hospital. Turnover is high, there are many vacant;positions, and the organization has a very high number of positions that are;considered hard-to-fill positions because of national workforce shortages in;nursing, pharmacy, and radiology.;The board of directors and the president;know that they have serious human resource issues that will have to change in;order for them to compete in the local healthcare market as an employer-of-choice. As in any healthcare organization, fiscal;resources are limited, but the board is firmly committed to investing in a well;developed human resources plan to decrease turnover and stem the ever-growing turnover;and vacancy rates. The president has;asked you to attend the next board of directors meeting to share your plan for;addressing these serious issues. What;will you tell them in your presentation to address the retention and;recruitment problems? (Points: 5);3. (TCO C) Some physicians and for-profit healthcare;organizations in your area are refusing to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients;for a variety of reasons. These;controversial decisions present not only a major breakdown in the healthcare delivery;system but also in the financing of healthcare for many individuals across the;nation. Delineate at least three reasons;that physicians have for refusing to participate in these governmental;programs, as well as the impact this practice has on other areas of the;healthcare delivery system.;(Points: 25);4. (TCO D) As the executive director of a managed care;company, you have been invited by Congress to consult about national healthcare;reform. Public outcry for changes in;managed care practices is ongoing.;Congress is calling for reform, and medical providers are extremely;frustrated with how you restrict care and offer low reimbursements.;Congress has;asked you to discuss how the managed care industry can be overhauled to provide;a more customer-responsive product and to control national healthcare costs.;What are the;high-priority issues that will need to be discussed to overhaul the managed;care industry? What stakeholders must be;considered in the planning process?;(Points: 20);5. (TCO E) You are the VP for human resources and have;been given the assignment to come up with a new healthcare benefits plan that;will improve healthcare services for your employees and control costs. The health plan currently covers services;provided in healthcare services. You;employ approximately 1,800 employees and already determined in this new plan;you want to provide traditional healthcare services and further develop a more;preventative and wellness focus. Your;goal is to improve the health of your employees, thereby saving monies in your;illness coverage as well as nonproductive time in sick days.;You are meeting with the president of;the health system this afternoon. What;will you say to him or her?;(Points: 25);6. (TCO F) You are the newly hired hospital;administrator for Healthcare-U.S. System, a national system of tertiary;hospitals located throughout the U.S.;Your organization has just approved new monies for developing new;quality management initiatives. The;individual hospitals have implemented their own quality management programs. Some of these programs have produced stellar;results and high levels of patient satisfaction, although others have had much;less success.;Your focus as the newly hired;administrator is to develop a corporate quality improvement program that will;be standard throughout the company?s hospitals.;The quality improvement plan must be responsive to any local needs or;issues. How will you craft that plan? What will you include in your plan? Include some specific examples of what you;might measure. How will you get to;buy-in from your individual organizations that already have their own plan?;7. (TCO G) You?ve just been hired as the Chief Operating;Officer (COO) for a new orthopedic physician practice. The new practice was created by two;previously independent practice groups that had fines for governmental;regulatory violations, as well as suspected fraudulent billing practices. You just received a subpoena to appear in;court and testify as to your role in the organization and knowledge of billing;practices.;All you know is that the clinic has;recently purchased a new electronic billing and medical records system that is;HIPAA-Compliant. One goal of this;electronic system is to address all areas of compliance and to clean up any;issues from the past. It is also;intended to position the new organization as an organization with an impeccable;reputation for compliance. Articulate;your vision for this plan and components that are required for its success. How will you justify the expense associated;with your plan? Keep in mind that you;have a newly formed organization and differing organizational cultures. (Points;40)


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