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Question;In;previous weeks you have been learning about the various components of a;program plan and, this week, about the importance of evaluation in;ensuring the goals are met. To evaluate whether goals are being;achieved, you must have measurable objectives and be able to find the;necessary data with which to measure if those objectives are being met.;For;example, if one of the goals of your program is to reduce the;percentage of overweight schoolchildren in that area, a measurable;objective might be "have 50% of children exercise for 60 minutes every;day." But how;would you actually measure whether this objective is being met? Getting;ahold of reliable and valid data with which to evaluate the objective;can be difficult and costly. In this example of children's exercise;would you gain the information through direct observation? Would;you survey parents? Would you be able to use data that others have;gathered, such as a national or school survey? There are advantages and;disadvantages to each of these ideas, but some are clearly more feasible;and cost-effective than others.;For this Application, explain in two to three pages how you would evaluate your hypothetical program, addressing the following;List the 3 ? 5 measurable objectives you already identified in the Week 6 Application. Revise them if you can improve on them.;Explain;how you will measure the objectives to determine if you have reached;your goals. Include a description of how you will get the data with;which to evaluate your objectives. Remember the need to be realistic in;your use of resources and, wherever possible, aim to use data that are;being collected by others.;Discuss some of the obstacles you can foresee in this process and how you would try to overcome them.;Indicate whether the evaluative measures are process (activities) or outcomes.;Review;the budget you created in Week 7. Does your budget reflect the costs;for evaluation? If so, do you think it is sufficient? If not, how would;you amend to cover the costs of evaluation?


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