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Question;Application: Budget with Justification;Providing;adequate financial support for new and existing public health programs;usually requires astute analysis, creativity, and persistence on the;part of program managers. Not only do you need to know how much money;your program needs in order to operate, but you need to find appropriate;funding streams to pay for that budget.;When;public health program planners come up with money for programs, they;often aim for a mix of financing sources. They may seek to finance a new;program through federal, state, or local funding streams. They may use;funds from an existing program?for example, by shifting of money from;one program to a new one. It can take resourcefulness and creativity to;find ways to fund a budget.;For;this week's Application, you will submit a budget with justification;for your program. Consider how you would fund the program you described;in your Week 6 Application. You should look not only at state, federal;and local funding streams, but also at grants you might apply for from;outside organizations. You should consider also whether you would charge;a user fee for the services. Note: You may use the sample budget you reviewed for this week's Discussion as a model.;In your Application;Construct;an annual operating budget for your hypothetical program. This budget;should include personnel expenses and other operating (non-personnel);expenses. If equipment or facilities are needed, show these in a;separate capital budget. Your budget must contain revenue as well as;costs.;In addition to the budget itself, submit;a budget justification in two to three paragraphs. In this section, you;should justifiy your major choices, addressing both revenue as well as;costs. Make sure to indicate who you would be serving and how many;people you estimate would utilize your services.


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